« Very good organization, congratulations to the whole team - very professional, friendly and helpful, always attentive and listening to the invited decision-makers. »

Ministère de l'économie et des Finances



« Very good initiative – when I first signed up I’d have preferred the show to have been in Paris because you have to make family arrangements to cover being away for 2 days. In the end though it’s all positive because we can get away from our day-to-day work and totally focus on this event»

Mairie de Gennevilliers



« Very professional show, very well organized, with high-quality welcoming and guest services»

Theatre musical de Paris Chatelet



« Thank you for this professional-level event. The teams organizing the show went above and beyond, and were highly professional»

Orange Groupe



« The best-organized and most helpful show for the professional »






« First time at Security Meetings but not the last. Nice quality event in a quality setting. Special congratulations to the very responsive team. »

ADP International





« Security Meetings lets you structure your needs and what you’re looking for. Meeting the different exhibitors, and having innovative technologies in the sector introduced and demonstrated, helps to make high-quality use of your time. I recommend trying the show  »

Heurtey Petrochem



«Most of the show: its size and organization promote discussion»

La Poste



« A well-paced schedule of appointments and talks – it’s good not to load your appointments schedule too much in advance to give you the opportunity to move around all the stands and see other suppliers in a calm and productive working atmosphere, and the place itself contributes to feeling good about coming to the show »




« PERFECT! Having experts in terrorism (from French and foreign  law and police) seems to suggest it will go from strength to strength! »

Caisse des dêpots et consignations