Security / Safety & Prevention Meetings : 17, 18 & 19 mars 2020




Wednesday 20th of March from 9:15am to 10:15am 


Private security against terrorism, social and urban violence 

Closer coordination with law enforcement, early detection of suspicious behaviour or crowd movements, evacuation of sites threatened by violent demonstrators: private security companies carried out new types of missions during the terrorist period and urban violence. An evolution which will continue to grow in the future. 



Patrick HAAS, Head of Security and Safety Meetings Conferences, Director of Publications, En Toute Sécurité


Speakers :

Roger MARION, Former Head of Counter-Terrorism - Security Director VALOPHIS 
Vincent FRANCOIS, Former negotiator of the GIGN - Director SEMIO NEGO

Frédéric JOUHAUD, Renovation and buildings Department GRAND PALAIS







Wednesday 20th of March fro 6h15pm à 7h30pm


The impact of the upcoming reforms

The Thourot-Fauvergue report published last September recommends many reforms, some of which are very structural and emblematic, such as the possibility for security agents to be present on the public highway or the elimination of cascading subcontracting. A major consultation has been in place since the beginning of 2019 with the aim of finalising certain projects this year. The profession is mobilizing to influence decisions.                                                                                                        


Host :

Patrick HAAS, Head of Security and Safety Meetings Conferences, Director of Publications, En Toute Sécurité


Speakers :

Pascal PECH, President, SNES 
Jonathan SCHIFANO, Director of VIPARIS Security and President of the CJCS

Yann PROD’HOMMEDirector of Safety and Security, NOKIA 



Thursday 21th of Mars from 9am to 10:15am


How will digital technology revolutionize the private security industry?

The first steps of artificial intelligence and Big Data in private security make it possible to offer services with greater added value, integrating more information and above all a way of managing large quantities of information efficiently. The traditional private security professions - including electronic systems - will have to adapt to this technological change.      


Hosters :

Patrick HAAS, Head of Security and Safety Meetings Conferences, Director of Publications, En Toute Sécurité


Speakers :

Claire JACQUEMET, President, Club des Femmes dans la Sécurité

Luc JOUVE, Président, GPMSE Installation

Jean-Luc LAUTIER, Senior Business Development Manager, EDF

René-Paul BIRO, Directeur Sécurité et conformité, SCC






Wednesday 20yh of March from 10:15am to 11:00am

FICHET SECURITY SOLUTIONS WORKSHOP: From "Smart Building" to "Safe Building", towards a security continuum


In the current context where we are facing a multifaceted threat, it is becoming essential to put people back at the centre of protection systems. If we do not protect an industrial, tertiary or public site in the same way, the principles remain the same; they are derived directly from the risk analysis and are broken down by area. From facade protection to containment areas, Gunnebo will present its innovative safety solutions for a safer building.


Jean-Charles PROSKURYN, Business Development Department, Fichet Security Solutions France




Wednesday 20th of Mars 14H30 à 15H15 




The goal of this workshop is to present the interest of consulting an integrator to respond to safety/security projects. Thanks to a global understanding of needs, the integrator will be able to provide a solution adapted to needs through a panel of products and manufacturers. The integrator adapts to your needs and not the other way around!


Laurent DUEDAL, Sales Manager, Galilée Sécurité Electronique

Benoit ALBINET, Sales Engineer, Galilée Sécurité Electronique




 Thursday 21th of March from 2:30pm to 3:15pm  


AZUR DRONES WORKSHOP : Autonomous surveillance Drone : What contributions can be made to a safety and security system ?


The workshop will present, from different client cases, the interests of the autonomous drone for the removal of doubts, perimeter patrols and crisis management. It will help you understand on which types of sites to integrate a drone, and what the installation and use conditions are.



Grégoire THOMAS, General Manager, Azur Drones


Thursday 21th of March from 6:15pm to 7:15pm



CNPP WORKSHOP : Deciphering the new trends in the position of Safety Manager 

QHSE, Safety, Security, Environment Officer... the function of Security Officer has multiple facets and different faces. To get to know it better, Face au Risque and CNPP have launched a major survey: The barometer of engineers and safety officers. This conference aims to present the results of this survey, which was updated in 2019: to present the profession, training, responsibilities and salaries of women and men in charge of corporate safety. Testimony and feedback from a QHSE manager who has become a safety specialist.



Speakers :

Bruno AYRAULT, Director of Audit Training of Consulting, Safety and Monitoring Department, CNPP

Sébastien SAMUELI, Key Account and Public Relations, CNPP