Security & Safety Meetings : 19/20/21 mars 2019


The award ceremony celebrated the winners as part of the annual evening of the show.



After conscencieuse deliberation, the jury had the difficult task of selecting the lauréas 4 categories.


The winner KOMANCHE was selected to his wall image that will prioritize reassembled suspicious images to facilitate the work of security agents.






STID The winner was chosen for its solution for electronic access badges.






The winner Mr RAMU - ITER Organization has been chosen to create its computer system access request must adapt to the evolution of the site and its activities.







The winner SAFETY LIPPI has been chosen to create a drone to swing wing that incorporates the features of a falcon which enables it effective surveillance without being seen.




Thank you to the winners and to the jury for this beautiful ceremony SECURITY MEETINGS AWARDS 2016 under the sign of good humor.


See you next year